Canada is a developed country and ranks among the highest in international measurements of civil liberties, government transparency and quality of life in terms of education here, employment and economic freedom. It is a country that always welcomes to accommodate new skilled workers to contribute in to Canada’s growing economy. This not only contributes to the economy but also strengthens the workforce. The federal government has recently announced their 2018 Canadian immigration levels plan and decided that government will accept 300,000 Canadian permanent residents. A large number of people among this number will be selected from the economic immigration programs. CIC is aiming to approve 172,500 applicants and accompanying family members under Canada express entry, Quebec skilled worker program and several Canadian provincial nominee programs.

Canada Immiragtion Consultancy Service

When a certain skilled worker fulfilled all the conditions specified by Canadian government, the individual receives a permanent visa regarded as Canadian immigration which allows him/ her to immigrate to Canada with family. All the candidates of express entry are given particular scores based on their skills, job prospects and talents and then ranked with other applicants. The highest ranked individuals are then invited to become permanent residents of Canada. These permanent residents are entitled to work, study or travel anywhere in Canada with the facility of health coverage too. To become a citizen from permanent resident, an individual should stay in Canada for relatively consistent period of time and have to spend six years at that residence.

Creating Express Entry Profile

You can start applying by first making your express entry profile on the express entry system. Creating your profile on this system is completely free and secure. Once you make an account and start making your profile, you have the deadline of 60 days to complete the profile. The information required to complete your profile is about your education, work experience, skillset and the dependents (family members who would come with you to Canada). You must have your passport, travel document and other national documents ready to attach with your profile. The website uses the profile of the applicant to decide whether they are eligible to immigrate to Canada or not. If the candidate is eligible, he will be placed in the pool of other candidates and will be ranked according to experience skills and education etc. if the candidate is ranked as best, he will be sent the invitation to apply for permanent residence. The individual can find its eligibility on federal express entry program. For that he will need to take the English language test IELTS and get the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment). You would also have to check if your work experience is valid or not under NOC (National Occupational Classification). You can check the credibility of your current work experience here and also of the job you intend to start in Canada.

Comprehensive Ranking System

The ranking in express entry pool is done using a point-based system called as the Comprehensive Ranking System. This system uses and assesses the candidate’s profile and assigns scores on the basis of language, education, skills, work experience and other factors. The other selection factors apart from these include core human capital factors, skills transferability and other factors relating to arranged employment and provincial nomination. These scores are then analyzed and compared with other candidates in the pool. The point-based system of comprehensive ranking tool includes the total of 1200 points out of which 600 are core set of points while the other 600 are a set of additional points. The quota of additional points is designed to give additional score to the candidates who have a valid job offer from a company in Canada, have acquired Canadian degrees, certificates or diploma courses, and have a brother or sister living in Canada and strong French language skills. The set of core points are assigned to experience and skill sets, skills transferability such as education of work experience and spouse or common-law partner factors. The total score of the candidate is calculated as the sum of core points and additional points. This total score is assessed in comparison with other candidates in the pool.

The individual can stay in the pool for up to 12 months as long as he or she is meeting the criteria of one of the federal Canadian programs. However he should update his profile regularly as the case changes such as your level of education or language test results. If the system does not send you invitation in these 12 months to apply for permanent residence, you can send your application again and submit a new profile. You can re-enter the pool if your profile is still meeting the criteria. This CRS system also assigns points for a valid job offer in Canada or Canadian degrees and diplomas. Once the individual is sent the invitation to apply for permanent residence, he or she has 90 days to apply online for permanent residence and must submit his complete application and attested copies of all supporting documents. You may want to get your supporting documents ready like police certificates etc. to keep your application from being rejected. The system starts to process application as soon as it’s submitted and usually takes six months or less to make a final decision.

Express Entry Essentials

Once the individual is selected and added in the express entry pool, he can start to look out for the job he intends to do in Canada using Job Match account. The candidate can continue to search for job on this portal even after moving to Canada. The job match account is an online tool to assist the applicants to find the employers who are looking for the candidates with similar skillsets. The average processing time for federal skilled workers visa is around six months as the applications are assessed based on candidate’s ability to become economically and socially established upon immigration to Canada. As far as the immigration processing fees is concerned, it can vary with exchange rates and are subject to change based on the latest information available from Canadian immigration authorities. The applicant should keep in mind that fees are subject to change without notice. The fees also varies with different Federal skilled worker applications so applicants are advised to visit the website before applying for their clarification. Individuals from Pakistan or UAE who wishes to immigrate to Canada through Canadian Express Entry must first prepare themselves for language exams. For English language, you need to give IELTS and get the required score for immigration. For French, he needs to take TEF (Test d’evaluation du français). The candidate should also get himself familiar with Canadian history, sociology and economy as they can be asked questions about them during assessment phase. The individual should also get his foreign credentials assessed according to Canadian standards and learn more about the Comprehensive Ranking System tool and formula.