July 10, 2019

Canada Skilled Immigration

Word Immigration conventional means is migration from your homeland to any other country where you get more benefits and advantages. Now a day’s every developed and established countries welcome all professionals  and experts to grow in their respective fields with  whole new environment. Canada is on no.1 along those countries who appreciates , invites and encourages all skilled Immigration to flourish with them. This program is specially designed for skilled Immigration who wants to migrate to Canada.

With this opportunity they can can move to whole new professional dimension .This program gets immigrants to settle in world’s best country and enjoy a whole new different lifestyle. There are several opportunities waiting for you just cross the line to settle down with best economic stable country. The skilled immigrants gets all the basic needs and requirements to enjoy the ease of life

There are three primary options to continue your case


  • What is the Federal Skilled Immigration?

In this type of immigration all skilled immigrants are allowed to live in any province and territory except Quebec.

  • What is Quebec Skilled Immigration?

In this one option, immigrant only allows living in Quebec province.

  • What is the Provincial Nomination Program?

Canada has different provinces which announced exactly skilled immigration nominations for all applicants in specific territory and regions.

Federal Skilled immigration:

In this article, we study about below topics,


Any applicant who wants to apply for this program needs to meet 67 points in the profile. Applicant able to achieve this point through Education, Age, Immigratoin experience, ielts and adaptability points (partner ielts, Canadian relatives point, and Canadian work experience points.

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  • All application fee
  • Attestation of all certificates of applicant and partner by native country Educational Bodies.
  • You enclosed all documents and transcripts into a sealed envelope.
  • Ielts Certification
  • Original birth certificate of applicant, partner, and kids.
  • Kids educational documents if required.
  • CNIC in translated in English of applicant and partner.
  • UC and Foreign office attested Marriage certificate translated in English.
  • The principal applicant and all family members who are more than 18 years required Police Character Certificate.
  • Required passport size picture of the principal applicant and all family.
  • Require Bank statement for showing financial assistance in Canada for the principal applicant and all other family members.
  • Other Documents


  • Initial Assessment
  • Reference Letter
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Ielts
  • EOI (Expression of Interest)
  • PNP (If required)
  • ITA (Invitation to apply)

All skilled professionals will be getting Permanent resident Visa after going through a normal immigration set by the Canadian Immigration policies.

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