Terms And Conditions For Online Payments & Refund Policy

Based on following terms and conditions the company will not refund any of the total fees for the services provided and shall be entitled to full payment for the services provided if:

  • Once the client signs the contract with ATIWCS and then he/she does not wish to precede further for any reason what so ever.
  • The client voluntarily withdraws the immigration case at any stage.
  • If the online transaction fails due to insufficient funds in client’s account, any charges debited by bank/ service provider will be recoverable from the client. Client should ensure that their account is sufficiently funded to ensure successful transaction.
  • ATWICS shall not be responsible for the success or failure of the online transaction. However, in case of double charges made due to technical issue, ATWICS will refund to the extent of second repeated charge without any additional tax.
  • The client fails to complete the immigration process by non-appearance in interview and/or by not undergoing the medical instructions or re medical instructions or by any other ways.
  • The client does not co-operate towards completion of the agreement signed with ATWICS, in any manner.
  • The client should not share the confidential information related to Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet Banking / Cash Card with anyone otherwise he/ she shall be held solely responsible for any transaction executed.
  • The IP address of the client will be tracked by ATWICS and any misuse of the payment gateway with fraudulent intent will be liable to legal action by ATWICS.
  • The case gets rejected after the client corresponds or communicates directly with the designated Educational Credential Assessment Organization and Visa Office without written consent of the company.
  • The client does not submit the documents required by the designated Educational Credential Assessment Organization and Visa Office and advised by the Company for processing of the immigration case within the time prescribed by the Respective Authority or as advised by the Company.
  • ATWICS would not be responsible for any errors or defects that may exist during transaction from client’s end neither for any misuse/ fraudulent activity by any third party. However, ATWICS would assist the client in recovering the amount, provided the mentioned losses have been caused to the client for reasons other than their own fraudulent act/ mistake/ misuse.
  • In case there has to be a reversal of charges paid online, it would be entirely dependent on the payment gateway’s terms and conditions and ATWICS would not be held liable in any manner for any delay in reversal of the charges.
  • The client breaches all or any of the terms of this agreement by providing false information, fake documents and/or commits any other sort of fraud or misrepresentation or by any other means.
  • The case gets rejected due to the reason that the client could not withstand all the background checks conducted by the Immigration Authorities.
  • If it becomes impossible to meet the objective of the agreement due to reasons like client having medical problems, having civil/criminal charges, national security reasons of Canada, changes in immigration rules and/or any other reasons.
  • All payments made shall be dependent on the terms and conditions of the payment gateways/ banks. The client understands that by using this service, he explicitly agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the payment gateway and the banks, and will not hold ATWICS responsible for any default in compliance of the same.
  • The company will not refund the fee for the services provided in case of Non-cooperation/after completion of twelve month from signing this contract/ physical or mental unsoundness or in case of death of the client.
  • ATWICS may make any alterations or changes from time to time (if necessary) to these terms and conditions which should be agreeable by the Client and take effect from such date as may be intimated by ATWICS.
  • The Client shall not use these services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms and conditions.
  • Due to operational difficulties, ATWICS may decide to suspend or terminate the services. The Client shall be responsible for any transactions made through the services until time of such termination.
  • The Judicial Review cannot be filed or after filing cannot be processed due to client’s non-compliance with the relevant clause of the agreement signed with ATWICS.
  • Company Service Retainer fee will be non-refunded in any case after signing the contract.
  • All terms must be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement signed by the client with ATWICS.
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