March 30, 2021

So many people like to migrate to Canada both via a temporary or pr visa. But it might also show difficult to get pr in Canada from Dubai, mainly if you are no longer very familiar with the process. In this article, we will provide you with the proper programs and what you require.

You can get a pr in Canada via three main programs: economic migration, household sponsorship, and caregiver visa. The first two continue to be the most achievable alternative for getting a pr from Dubai.


The financial migration consists of the Federal Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), and the Quebec Skilled program.


On the different hand, family sponsorship is for candidates who have relatives in Canada that are permanent residents.

And the caregiver program is for people who prefer to migrate to Canada to help aged families. Read on to find out the predominant requirements to get a pr in Canada from Dubai!


What Are the Main Canadian PR Requirements?

Some of the necessities to practice for a Canadian pr correctly include:


 At least a post-secondary diploma, or higher degrees

 Be at least 18 years of age.

 Have at least one-year working experience within the past 10 years

 Score a minimum of CLB-4 on your English language test

 Have a NOC-listed occupation in the 0, A, and B categories, respectively.

 Job provide (optional)

 Have sufficient money to settle in Canada, if selected.


Also, having a relative in Canada can supply you with extra points, the same as having a spouse (other conditions will apply here). You can use the CRS tool to calculate your point.


Each province has its minimal point grid. But you have to score up to 67 points to qualify for the Federal Express Entry.


What is the Fastest Way to get PR in Canada From Dubai?

Applying for pr in Canada is not a daily task. In most cases, it takes between 6 to 8 months. And some programs are pretty speedy in contrast to others.


Currently, family sponsorship seems to be the quickest way to get pr in Canada. The Economic migration programs, although very viable, are competitive, and the necessities can take some time to obtain.


But if you have a sponsor in Canada (who is also a permanent resident), it turns into less complicated to get your Canada pr from Dubai.

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