September 5, 2020

New Immigrants Stitch Masks That Are Comfortable With Hijab

Winnipeg-based social enterprise also stitching see-through masks to help deaf people read lips

A Winnipeg-based social enterprise given employment to new immigrants has turned to making masks as a way  to assist individuals to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Cutting Edge provides employment to migrant women and trains them to run sewing machines. Up until now, the program has produced thousands of masks.

Operations  head Anne-Lydie Bolay informed CBC News that there has been a lot of interest and that “several orders are being placed by certain of the colleges,also certain of the teams that are advocating for accessibility.”

The Cutting Edge program, which is run out of the Canadian Muslim ladies Institute, has provide job 10 new ladies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the outset, just regular reusable masks were being created.Although, this changed after hearing of concerns from new immigrants who had faced problems  speaking with a mask on. 

New immigrants stitch masks that are comfortable with hijab

Presently, they created normal cloth masks as well as masks with a see-through window.Likewise, others individuals can see the wearer’s lips while they talk, and newcomers who have not completely grip the language might be eligible to speak better.

Furthermore, all the masks created by The Cutting Edge are created comfortable for ladies who wear the hijab, the customary headscarf worn by few Muslim ladies.

Bolay also keeps up that the ladies creating the masks are paid a suitable compensation, get advantages and are offered flexible hours. 

One of the ladies, an immigrant from Ethiopia called Alia Mohamed, revealed to CBC News that she truly likes her work and that she may now create a modern mask in only seven minutes. 

Mohammed had shifted to Winnipeg to be with her sibling. 

She says she one day wishes to begin her own business producing garments. Although, in the  meanwhile, she is glad to keep working for the Winnipeg-based enterprise.

For those intrigued, the masks are accessible in mass through The Cutting Edge site, through the Local Investment Toward jobs site, or through the Ever Present Giving site, or at Pollock’s Hardware Co-operation. 

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