September 28, 2020

Immigrate To Canada From Nigeria With These Immigration Programs

Nigerians who wish to immigrate to Canada have more than 100 economic-class pathways to select from. 

Each year thousands of Nigerians migrate to Canada, and the numbers have been developing in current years.

In 2019, around 12,595 Nigerians gained Canadian permanent residence, and around 11,985 gained their education in Canada. This thing is enough from the 4,090 who came to Canada in 2015.There were around 42,430 Nigerians living in Canada in 2016, as per data Canada. 

Canada provides more than 100 economic-class immigration programs for Nigerians to select from.The best program for every individual will depend on their individual conditions and objectives.Here is a review of few of the immigration programs that Nigerians can pursue to gain permanent residence in Canada.


Nigeria is #2 source country of successful  Express Entry applicants

Canada invites interested applicants to give an application for  permanent residence.The most straight way to get invited to give an application for Canadian immigration is to present a profile to the Express Entry system. 

In 2019, Nigeria was the second main country of citizenship of successful Express Entry applicants, positioning only behind India.

The Express Entry system arranges applications for three Canadian immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class. 

Qualified applicants are given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on their age, work experience, education, and official language expertise.

The most noteworthy scoring applicants are invited to give application for Canadian permanent residence by Express Entry draws which typically happen each two weeks.

Applicants don’t have to have an employment offer to be chosen from an Express Entry draw. 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Canada is still holding Express Entry draws. The previous two draws have been among the biggest that the immigration sector has ever held. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is also giving applicants additional time to present documents that they can’t gain because of COVID-19 terminations and service interruptions. 

The administration of Canada purpose to process applications for Express Entry applicants in 6 months.In case a profile remains in the pool for over one year, applicants can easily present their profile again to re-enter the pool. 

In case a Nigerian applicant isn’t qualified for Express Entry they may also have the option to move to Canada by one of the Provincial Nominee Programs. 

Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada also provides the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for Nigerian applicants who want to work and settle in a particular province or region.

PNPs permit Canadian provinces and regions to designate economic-class immigration applicants who uphold their labour market necessities.

Most Canadian provinces and regions(aside from Nunavut and Quebec) have a minimum one provincial nomination stream that is associated with Express Entry.

When a PNP is linked with the Express Entry system they are known as “enhanced streams.Applicants who get provincial nominations by enhanced  streams get an extra 600 CRS points, which for all intents and purposes ensures that an applicant will be invited in a subsequent  Express Entry draw. 

Depending on the program, an increased stream may provide invitations based on either provincial expression of interest scores or the CRS points. 

The other kind of PNP is known as a “base” stream, which implies it isn’t linked with the federal Express Entry system.These streams help the provinces individual purposes, and could possibly or not utilize a scoring system to choose applicants. 

Applicants who may not be eligible for the Express Entry pool, but who fit the necessary expertise required in a particular province might be qualified for a provincial nomination by a base stream. 

Individuals who wish to migrate  to Quebec should undergo by the province’s own economic immigration program. Skilled workers may undergo Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program which works on an expression of interest system.

Study in Canada to get permanent residence: Nigeria among top 10 countries

Studying at a Canadian post-secondary  institution is one method that Nigerian migrants can obtain Canadian experience to help their applications for permanent residence. 

Nigeria is the ninth main source country of international students in Canada. 

Having Canadian study experience opens up the door to give application for perpetual residence through the Canadian Experience Class, some specific PNPs, as well as the Quebec Experience Program for the individuals who study in Quebec.

After their studies have finished, Nigerian international students might have the option to gain a Post-Graduation Work Permit that will permit them to work in Canada for up to three years.

Having Canadian study  and work experience is a greatly important mixture in terms of the CRS.It might also assist applicants to be qualified for some PNPs. 

In wake of the Covid pandemic, Canada is permitting students to utilize online studies toward a Post-Graduation Work Permit. 

Immigration vital to economic recovery in Canada

In spite of the travel limitations and service interruptions around the globe that make immigration hard during the pandemic, the federal  government has said that immigration is part of Canada’s economic  recuperation methodology. 

This implies that the government  actually accepts the significance of immigration to the Canadian economy. Like as, Nigerians will get to have numerous chances to migrate to Canada.

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