February 9, 2021

Man Sentenced For Forging Documents To Enter Canada Illegally

He presented a fake job letter at the border, but actually wanted to meet his partner.

An American citizen has pleaded guilty for misstatement at the Canada-U.S. border. The man had expressed that he was searching entry in order to carry out fundamental work, when in actuality, he wanted to meet his partner who lives in Canada.

The man, Lyell Sullivan Buttermore, looked to enter Canada through the Lansdowne port of entry, and presented a job letter as evidence to his claim.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers noticed irregularities with the job letter, and upon more questioning, found that Buttermore faked the document and was really wishing to meet his partner.

He was then captured and accused of attempting to go around Canada’s travel and border limitations, and trying to enter Canada with the assistance of faked documents.

On December 8, Buttermore pleaded guilty to immigration misstatement in Brockville, Ontario. He was punished to a conditional discharge with 12 months of probation. This implies that no punishment will happen until the crime is submitted once more. Terms incorporate a CAD $2,000 gift to Lanark and Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health Services.

“Our officers guarantee that the individuals who are allowed entry into Canada are complying to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and current border limitations,” said Stephanie Chenier, a CBSA Director in the Northern Ontario Region, “Stopping the individuals who misstatement themselves is critical to securing the health and safety of Canadians as well as maintaining the honesty of our borders and immigration processes.”

In March 2020, Canada introduced travel and border limitations to control the spread of COVID-19.Travellers should be entering Canada for a crucial reason. These limitations are still set up.

Certain people are exempt from these travel limitations, for example, Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and their close relatives, among others.

Nonetheless, Canada is strongly discouraging residents of Canada from travelling for an unnecessary reason such as for vacation. Prime minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that the individuals who go on vacation or travel for an unnecessary reason, won’t be able to claim the CAD $1,000 sickness advantage to cover the expense of their isolated period upon their return.

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